400-Ton Barge Crane – Seattle and Sante Fe Springs (Los Angeles)

400-Ton Barge Crane – Seattle and Sante Fe Springs (Los Angeles)


One of WHECO’s national customers contacted our Santa Fe Springs (“SFS”) facility about performing some site work on its 400-ton barge-mounted crane and fabricating a new fifty-foot section of boom which was no longer available. This was so they could equip the crane with 260 feet of boom. To help expedite the project, WHECO suggested performing the boom fabrication portion at its Seattle, Washington, facility with the onsite barge work handled out of the SFS facility. All engineering and drawings were supplied by the customer.

WHECO SFS performed the upgrade modifications to the existing base, which involved installing additional structural members to the section.

WHECO Seattle performed upgrade modifications to an existing 40-foot section, which involved fabricating and installing special plates to the chord members, plus additional structural members inside the boom section.

WHECO Seattle also fabricated a completely new 50-foot insert section.

Both completed sections were shipped to the barge crane’s site in California for final assembly. All work was Engineered and in full compliance with Federal and California OSHA.

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