Excavator Swing Bearing

Excavator Swing Bearing

Excavator Breakdown and Inspection        

WHECO Portland was send an excavator by a customer who was having an issue with their swing bearing. Upon inspection WHECO Technicians confirmed that the Swing Bearing was cracked. Because of where this equipment is used WHECO had to spend several hours cleaning the unit to confirm this and to get to the Swing Bearing

Excavator Swing Bearing Replacement

Once technicians were able clean the caked-on rock, clay, and dirt from the machine a new swing bearing was ordered from the manufacture. While waiting WHECO Portland had their welder make repairs to the frame and readying the upper and lower for the arrival of the new bearings. Once this was complete and the welds were confirmed for quality the Technicians were ready to put the new Swing Bearing on the excavator.

Returning the Excavator

WHECO Portland reassembled the excavator after replacing the swing bearing. Once this was done the machine put through many scenarios to test and confirm repairs complete and that the excavator was running at optimal levels. The excavator was then completely pressure washed and returned the customer ready to keep putting in the long hours required of it.

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