Jib Crane Strut Repair

Jib Crane Strut Repair

Crane Jib Inspection

This month WHECO Richland repaired a Jib Strut for a customer from out of state. A new replacement was no longer available which made a repair the logical way forward. Both main chords on the strut were damaged and one was beyond straightening.  Samples of the chord material were taken to determine the availability of matching material.  Once known an OSHA Compliant, Engineered Repair Procedure was crafted and accepted by the customer.


Repairing the Jib Strut

WHECO Richland first removed the damaged chord section and replaced with a new piece. The rest of the chords were tuned to straight and other miscellaneous repairs performed to return the piece into a certifiable and safe condition.


Return to the Customer

After completing all necessary repair steps, a third-party inspector was brought in to verify the welds after which the engineer signed off on the repair.  The finished piece was then painted to original colors and returned to the customer. All of this was able to happen within 15 days from the initial start date putting the job strut back into the income stream.



WHECO is proud to be able to solve all problems whether they are damage or general wear and tear.  With its multiple specialized facilities across the USA, WHECO is proud to serve customers anywhere it can and perform repairs on equipment others cannot. If you have any equipment you need service or parts please feel free to reach out for a free estimate. You can contact us at 1-800-937-4772 or submit a request by email to us at the contacts below.








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