JLG Mini Crawler “Can Bus Error”

JLG Mini Crawler “Can Bus Error”

Mini Crawler Breakdown

WHECO’s newest Portland facility received a call from a customer that had a JLG X770-AJ giving a “Can-Bus Error” on a job site. WHECO was asked to send a mobile tech out to diagnose the issue and fix it on the job-site if possible. Once the technician arrived on-site it was determined that the unit would need to be shipped to its Portland shop to undergo more extensive testing and repairs.

Diagnosing the Can Bus Error

Once at the shop WHECO’s technicians did further testing and diagnosed the issue as the Basket Load Cell being faulty which was the source of the Can Bus Error code on the unit. Once this was established a new replacement Basket Load Cell was received from the manufacture and installed.  Once installed technician performed function testing and confirmed no more errors appeared during operation of the unit.

Return the Customer

After replacing the Basket Load Cell on the JLG mini-crawler WHECO Portland contacted the customer to inform them of the completed repair and arrangements were made to have the unit delivered back to the jobsite. The customer was pleased that WHECO was able to respond quickly to the job-site, diagnose the issue and advise it needed to be shipped to WHECO’s facility in order to repair the unit.


WHECO Portland got the mini-crawler back up and running and delivered back to the job-site in an effective and expedient time frame.WHECO is proud to be able to solve all problems whether they are damage or general wear and tear.  With its multiple specialized facilities across the USA, WHECO is proud to serve customers anywhere it can and perform repairs on equipment others cannot. If you have any equipment you need service or parts for please feel free to reach out for a free estimate. You can contact us at 1-800-937-4772 or submit a request by email to the contacts below.







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