Restoration of Manitowoc 888 Crawler Crane

Restoration of Manitowoc 888 Crawler Crane

WHECO recently completed a restoration project on a Manitowoc 888 crawler crane. The service life extension project included repair, restoration, and replacement of parts throughout the crane. It included repairs to boom sections, both tracks, and all of the hydraulic cylinders. The project also provided for a new operators cab and LMI system. A reconditioned Tier III-compliant engine was installed, and the crane received a complete paint job. (See the before and after pictures below.)

WHECO can bring new life to your cranes and crane components. Through our service life extension projects (SLEP), we can extended the revenue-generating life of your crane at an estimated 40%-60% cost savings versus the purchase of a new unit. Call WHECO today to discuss the benefits of a SLEP for your crane.



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