Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) Repair

Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) Repair

Machine Tipping Inspection

WHECO Los Angeles recently received a call to repair a machine with a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) which needed to be repaired to function properly again and meet OSHA safety specifications. WHECO used a number of resources and techniques in order to determine the proper steps of the repair.

Roll Over Protection System Repair

WHECO Los Angeles discovered that this system was no longer produced by the manufacture, so a complete replacement was no longer viable. The next step was to retain the services of an Engineer and working with WHECO they were able to reverse engineer the design and draw plans for how to repair the unit into proper working order.  The next step was the perform a metallurgy test to determine the steels strength so that the proper material could be used.

Once WHECO Los Angeles was able to get the plans and material together the machine shop then formed the tubing to the specifications using steel rated equal to or stronger than original to ensure a proper repair. Next WHECO’s AWS and OEM certified Welding Technician then fit and welded the new pieces into the existing Roll Over Protection System (ROPS). Upon completion of the repair a Third-Party NDT testing was performed to assure weld quality. 

Delivery To The Customer

Once all testing was completed and certified to meet OSHA safety specifications the unit was primed and painted to match the original color.  WHECO provided the engineering documentation to customer for its file.

WHECO is proud to be able to repair a system that functioned exactly how it was designed. With its multiple specialized facilities across the USA. WHECO is proud to serve customers anywhere it can and perform repairs on equipment others cannot. If you have any equipment you need service or parts for please reach out for a free estimate. You can contact us at 1-800-937-4772 or submit a request by email to the contacts below.







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