SkyJack Turntable Damage

SkyJack Turntable Damage

 SkyJack Inspection

Our WHECO Los Angeles shop received a request this month for the repair of a SkyJack SJ86T that was damaged while working in a shipyard. Upon inspection of the unit it was found that the boom had been sideloaded and the Swing Drive Pinion Gear brook off a tooth. This then lead to several teeth breaking on the Turntable Bearing. Once this was established our Los Angeles shop was able to order new parts from the OEM and start disassembly of the unit.

SJ86T Turntable Bearing Replacement

To replace the Turntable Bearing and Swing Drive Pinion Gear the upper structure of the unit must be removed from the chassis. To accomplish this WHECO Los Angeles had to use their multiple overhead cranes and a specialty hydraulic wrenching system for small spaces. Using this system we are able to save our customers valuable downtime and money by accomplishing the disassembly quickly and with minimal technicians.  Once the new Turntable Bearing was received from the OEM our shop was able to replace the entire unit along with new factory bolts and started the process of reassembly. Because this type of job is so specialized our technicians take incredible care to catalog every step and part removed to ensure that once the repair is complete it can get back out to the jobsite with no concerns of premature failure of the parts.

Delivery to the jobsite

Because this Skyjack SJ86T works in the shipyard time is an incredibly important factor when repairing any issues that arise. Because WHECO technicians have been trained and have years of experience in Aerial Equipment Repair they were able to bring this unit in and quickly disassemble and reassemble this unit quickly and efficiently to please our customer in the area. WHECO is proud to offer quick turnaround on even the largest repair.

We are proud to be able to solve all problems whether they are damage or general wear and tear.  With its multiple specialized facilities across the USA, WHECO is proud to serve customers anywhere it can and perform repairs on equipment others cannot. If you have any equipment you need service or parts for please feel free to reach out for a free estimate. You can contact us at 1-800-937-4772 or submit a request by email to the contacts below.







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