Telehandler Pressure Valve Failure

Telehandler Pressure Valve Failure

Telehandler Valve Inspection

This month WHECO’s Seattle team had the pleasure to repair a Telehandler for a loyal customer in the area. This customer’s unit suffered a major failure when the pressure valve at the rear of the unit did not function properly.  Once the equipment reached Seattle’s yard the technicians and welders got to work inspecting the damage. When all the damage was confirmed plans were submitted to the engineer and OEM for approval as a warranty.

Telehandler Repair Process

Upon approval by the OEM, WHECO’s Seattle welders repaired the damaged frame and new counterweights and cylinder were installed by its technicians. The repairs to the frame were NDT inspected by a third-party, signed off by the engineer, and then painted factory OEM colors.

Return to the Customer

WHECO’s Seattle team specializes in the repair of Cranes, Aerial Work Platforms and Telehandlers which ensures that the customer get its’ equipment back into the revenue stream in a timely manner.

WHECO is proud to be able to solve all problems whether they are damage or general wear and tear.  With its multiple specialized facilities across the USA, WHECO is proud to serve customers anywhere it can and perform repairs on equipment others cannot. If you have any equipment you need service or parts for please feel free to reach out for a free estimate. You can contact us at 1-800-937-4772 or submit a request by email to the contacts below.



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