WHECO Repair Service – Saving Downtime

WHECO Repair Service – Saving Downtime


WHECO’s customer in Alaska is a small oil and gas company operating an offshore oil platform in the Cook Inlet. They severely damaged the heel section of one of their offshore platform cranes. All four chords were bent and misaligned.

The OEM solution was to provide a replacement heel section with an 8-10-week delivery, which would leave the drilling operations at a standstill until they could get their crane operational.

WHECO suggested a repair, which involved dismantling the heel and transporting it to a facility in Kenai, AK, where it was repaired and certified to an independent inspector’s satisfaction.

The benefit to the customer was that their crane was back in operation within one week. The customer’s vice president was so impressed with the service he received, he wrote the company, “to commend WHECO Seattle for a great job and congratulate WHECO on providing the service that we all want but don’t always get from other companies.”

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